The Church Playa’

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This blog may find a place in your heart Men of God. Don’t get upset when the truth is shared. Instead, examine yourselves and get your act together before the judgement of God comes upon you.

How many of us SISTAHS have encountered a brother in the church who pretends to be someone he actually is not? I’ve seen many SISTAHS’ hearts broken by THE CHURCH PLAYA’ who says he is God’s man; God’s Pastor for the flock. And this same man of God is like a wolf in sheep clothing. Its a sad commentary that the SISTAHS find themselves falling madly in love with him by the things he says. They find themselves believing him all because he holds the position of Elder, Deacon, Choir Director and yes even, Pastor.

So the SISTAHS seek out wisdom from the mothers of the church only to be disappointed again by their advice. The mothers would tell the SISTAHS, “Honey, leave that man alone. He means you no good. I’ve seen him in action like this before. He’ll only hurt you. Stop being his throwback girl.”

So, the SISTAHS cry uncontrollably. You begin to question your own instincts and wonder how could this so-called man of God treat you this way. You realize that he is just like the man in the world – a jerk who plays with the hearts of the SISTAHS.

So why do the men in the church think its alright to be THE CHURCH PLAYA’. Why don’t they realize the God they worship and serve is watching every heart they break. Why is it okay for them to commit adultery or even fornication? Do they not fear the God they SAY they love, cherish, serve and worship?

What is God saying about all the sin that’s going on in the church with THE CHURCH PLAYAs’.breaking the hearts of His daughters? Or, is the heart of THE PLAYA’ so cold toward God that they don’t even realize it themselves. Getting SISTAHS pregnant in church. Meeting with them at the local Motel. Taking them on business trips. And, yes, all to have sex as the ultimate reward.

SISTAHS, let him GO! God has someone who will truly love you without playing all the games. Just wait patiently on the Lord to allow Him to bring your BOAZ to you. HE’S COMING. JUST BE PATIENT. AND WHILE YOU’RE BEING PATIENT WAITING ON THE LORD, FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS SO HE CAN TEACH YOU HOW YOU ARE TO BE LOVED!

To my followers, this blog subject will eventually be a book that I will write. Please leave your comments. Thank you for your support.

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